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Twin Blades is a partnership born out of a love for knife making by twin brothers, Charlie and Harry Mathews. As collectors and users of handmade and custom knives for over 30 years, it was an easy step for these avid outdoor sportsmen to move from making knives as a hobby to full time knife making. They are fast gaining a reputation for quality craftsmanship and durability.

Twin Blade knives should be used in the field. Each is custom made and accompanied by a quality leather handmade sheath. Left-handed sheathes are even provided at no additional charge. The various designs are a result of years of experience in the outdoors by the makers, as well as their friends. They know first-hand what you are looking for…a quality tool that will serve you now and for generations.

This site is intended to show the types of knives Charlie and Harry love to make and the quality of their work. While it does not show all the models or options offered, it will be updated often. The knives shown in the gallery are a few of the standard designs kept in stock. Twin Blades welcomes customers with specific requests or design modifications and will be glad to work with you to make a knife that meets your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact Charlie and Harry if you have any questions. If you are in the area, feel free to stop by and meet the knife makers. You’ll find their enthusiasm is found in more than just their knives.


Twin Blades uses a wide assortment of natural handle materials as well as micarta. The following is a list of materials normally in stock, but is not all-inclusive as new materials become available.

sambar- stag- axis deer- buffalo horn- giraffe bone- deer bone-elk bone- ivory (several types)- bubinga bocote-cocobolo -purple heart- blood wood -curly maple- imistag (bone)-pink ivory- desert iron wood- micarta (black, green, maroon, brown, linen and canvas)

The steels used are CPMS30V, CPM3V, D2,1084, 5160 and 1095. Twin Blades heat treats its blades in digitally controlled electric kilns. Occasionally we may send a blade to Paul Bos for heat treatment. The knives are made for people to use and the steel should fit the work the knife will be expected to do. Damascus steel in various patterns can be provided if the customer desires. This is with the understanding that the Mathews did not make the damascus and have no control over the pattern or the performance of the steel in a using knife.

Charlie and Harry will be glad to work with the customer on the selection of materials for his knife to ensure that the knife is not only attractive but performs well in the field.

Business Practices

Twin Blades will try to keep a variety of standard knives in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Due to increased demand Twin Blades is not currently taking orders on custom knives. Please check our Available page for knives currently in stock and our Schedule page for knife shows we plan to attend

Notice that the knife is ready and payment due, will be provided to the customer upon completion of their knife. The knife will be held for receipt of payment for 30 days, after which time it will be offered for sale. It is solely the responsibility of the customer to provide Twin Blades with correct contact information and update this information as is necessary. We request a telephone number, a mailing address, and an e-mail address to have the best chance to deliver the notice to the customer. Several attempts at contact will be made during the 30 days, but if after 30 days we have been unable to contact the customer or not heard from the customer and received the payment, the knife will be sold.

Knives will be marked with the Twin Blades logo and the type of steel used. Knives which have sole authorship will be marked with a 1T or a 2T. 1T will signify First Twin which will be a knife made solely by Charlie and 2T will signify Second Twin which will be a knife made solely by Harry.

Payment methods currently accepted are: cash (not recommended through the mail), Cashiers Check, Money Order, or personal check. Personal checks will require 10 days to clear before shipment can be made unless your credit has been established with us. Shipping charges will be the actual cost we incur.

Manufacturing Process

All blades are ground from bar stock. It is Twin Blades intention to provide a knife that is as close to hand made as possible. As custom makers, Charlie and Harry do not use jigs or other devices to hollow or flat grind the blades. The blades are profiled in the shop by using Dozier belt grinders. The blades then have their edges ground using the same grinders with the material being held by hand. No computer controlled equipment is used in our shop, and the blades are hand polished to a satin finish. This type of finish causes fewer glares in the field and is much easier to maintain than a mirror finish.

The customer can specify the type and thickness of steel on most models. Twin Blades makes knives with both flat and hollow ground blades. On custom orders the customer can specify the type of grind he would like. Hollow grinds are made with a 14 inch wheel. The tangs will be tapered. Handles can be put on using pins, bolts or mosaic pins at the customer’s request. A contrasting liner material will be used with most handle materials. If the customer desires, a stick tang can be provided for most models. A thong hole will be provided and lined with a metal complimentary to the bolts or pins used in attaching the handle.

All blades, except those made of D2 will be tempered in the Twin Blades Shop. Blades made from D2 will be tempered by Paul Bos.

The sheaths are made from a top grade of leather, sealed with a mixture of bee’s wax and oil. Most are stained dark brown and double stitched. Exotic leathers can be provided upon request. There is no extra charge for left handed sheaths. Each sheath is individually fit to each knife. A fiber liner is provided in our fillet knife sheath, and it is also available on other sheaths for an extra charge. Custom sheaths of leather or kydex are also available. Twin Blades will be glad to work with the customer to provide the type of sheath needed, whether it is a neck sheath, cross draw, boot sheath, frontier style or if it needs slots for attachment to web gear or other tactical use.

Twin Blades

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